About Your Practitioner

Lynn has over 20 years experience in Wholistic Kinesiology, exercise physiology, herbology, and nutritional consulting.

Wholistic Kinesiology is used in a clinical setting to evaluate much more than muscle strength. It is the art and science of neuromuscular evaluation for optimizing health. Or said another way, it is a remarkable tool that allows you to speak to the body. Symptoms are not the objective. The body is evaluated, needs are determined, and balance is achieved with supplements and natural remedies specific to each individual. Once the body reaches balance, symptoms subside or can be completely eliminated.

Through the years Lynn has developed extensive experience and education in the proper herbs, nutritional processes, and healing modalities to better her health and the health of her clients.Her search for optimal health led her to Kinesionics for assistance with health problems other medical advisors seemed unable to relieve. The miracle of optimal health through Kinesionics inspired Lynn to study Kinesionics and receive her practitioner certification by the founder of Kinesionics, Karta Purkh Singh Khalsa and has continued her studies into Wholistic Kinesiology  developed by Dr. J Dunn.

With a strong love for people and a commitment to help others, as she was helped, it was only natural for Lynn to open her own Kinesionics practice.  Through continued education she has incorporated several healing modalities to assist in working with her clients to attain balance and optimal health.

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