Balanced Body Quest is located in Corrales, New Mexico.  Consultations are scheduled by appointment only.  An initial consultation can run from an hour to two hours long depending on your health level and physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  Follow-up visits are determined on a need basis and are usually an hour in duration but can be shorter or longer depending again on the need of the client.

It is encouraged that you bring all your own supplements/medications to see if they are beneficial for you and to determine if they are causing any negative impacts to your body.  Several of my clients have invested in quality supplements through their own quest to attain balance.  It is my hope and goal that we will be able to use what you currently have.  Quality supplements are also available for your health needs.

A complete food allergy test will also be done if your body is able to be tested for foods.  It is encouraged that you bring foods that may not be in the basic diet test samples, for example, coconut oil, almond milk, or foods you may feel are causing you difficulty digesting.  The goal is to find the cause of the imbalance and properly address so you will no longer experience difficulty or distress when eating that particular food.

What Can a Consultation Do For You?

  • Assist you in attaining a healthy balanced body.
  • Tailor a health program specific to your personal needs and specified to the exact does and supplementation necessary to obtain total well being.
  • Reduce health cost by limiting supplementation to only those your body needs.
  • Determine the root cause of health ailments instead of applying a bandage to the symptom.